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Offshore Accessories - Harpoons - When that once in a lifetime sword or giant swims by, reach out and POON him. All the best harpoons, darts, and accessories.
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$79.99 - $119.99
WWO Custom Rigged Harpoon Basket

Our custom-rigged harpoon baskets are made from the highest quality 5/16" rope and hand spliced in our rigging facility. Each one comes complete with a blue plastic shrimp basket for easy storage as well as easy use in the cockpit, keeping the line clear from your feet when it's time to harpoon your big fish!



The Money Shot Deluxe Two Piece Harpoon

If you are in the market looking for high quality end game and fishing tools please take some time to compare the value and the quality of the Skurge Of The Sea line against some of the other harpoon and end game tools on the market. We can guarantee that you will not find another end game tool manufacturer that will offer you the same level of craftsmanship, quality, options, and design benefits as Skurge Of The Sea!

Deluxe Harpoon


The Money Shot Standard Two Piece Harpoon

Skurge of the Sea has the perfect harpoon, just for the people that really want to reach out and stick something. Not only will you have the range of a Spartan when a fish comes to the surface, you will Also have the same deep penetration of the water column that the other Money Shot models boast.

Standard Harpoon


The Money Shot Standard One Piece Harpoon

This harpoon is ideal for sticking fish boat side and also throwing. Its weighted head helps the harpoon track straight if thrown and also gives the harpoon the force to punch the dart through fish. Its packed with useful features which help take the error out of the end game that other harpoon manufacturers dont offer, yet they charge the same price for their harpoons. This harpoon comes with a storage bag made here in the USA that holds the harpoon handle and the dart shaft!

Standard Harpoon


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