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$15.99 - $24.99
Momoi Outrigger Line

Now Momoi offers a High Visibility fishing line in a 50 yard or 100 Yard 2mm coil. This high quality line holds up to the tough standards that has made Momoi lines famous. It comes available in three different colors and fits all Hal-locks and standard pulleys.

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AFTCO Goldfinger Outrigger Clips

Goldfinger Outrigger release clips should be attached directly to the outrigger halyard without the use of swivels. The adjustment-slider end of the clip needs to be "up" towards the tip of the outrigger. For fixed position bait trolling, the fishing line should be twisted 5 to 10 times before hooking loop over the clip's bail. The line may also be passed over the bail without twists to allow for adjustment of baits or lures.

AFTCO Outrigger Clip


AFTCO Roller-Troller Flat Line Clips

AFTCO Flat Line Clips put lines trolled from the stern of the boat into the water at a lower angle to minimize tangling and keep your lures below the surface for better action. And when a fish strikes, you'll know at the instant the clip snaps open to release the line. The Flat Line Clip is fitted with a 135-lb. coated stainless steel cable and a heavy duty snap swivel.

AFTCO Flat Line Clip


AFTCO Roller-Troller Outrigger Clips

The AFTCO Roller-Troller Outrigger Clip helps you position a trolling lure from an outrigger by simply reeling in or letting out line right through the clip, where the line rides safely on a roller that features silky-smooth action. The clip's "improved" micro-tension adjustment is positive yet sensitive over a wide range of settings, and once the tension is set, our precision-engineered latching system releases your line repeatedly at exactly the same pull to assure fewer missed strikes and less broken line and gear.

AFTCO Roller-Troller Clip


Calcutta Outrigger Stops

Calcutta outrigger stops are made of heavy-duty high impact plastic and are UV resistant. These stops will prevent your outrigger rigging from getting tangles in your outrigger guides.



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