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Jinkai Luminous Beads

JINKAI Luminous Beads attract fish and add higher visibility to lures and bait. A moment's exposure to light provides hours of luminosity, and brighter light exposure creates increased brilliance. Infinitely reusable. Available in: 10/pkg.



Hi Seas Luminous Bead

Glow Beads are great for a variety of fishing applications. These Luminous Glow Beads are the oval shaped green glow beads that are used by more rig makers than any other. Not only do they work great for rigging trolling lures, they increase bites when used on bottom fishing rigs for snapper, grouper, sea bass, blackfish, cod, rockfish, tilefish and pollock. These glow beads from Hi Seas can't be beat on deep drop rigs. Add them to your rigs and watch your catch rates soar!



Sea Striker Tri Beads

Triangular rigging beads available in a multitude of colors! 50 per pack Sea Striker Triangle Beads aka Tri-Beads are an essential component when rigging offshore trolling lures. These triangular rigging beads can be used as a color attractor or a spacer when rigging offshore trolling lures. These Tri-Beads stack together nicely and form a great spacer from the lure head to the crimp. The Tri-Beads allow an angler to effectively rig a trolling lure and set the hook back on the lure to the proper length. Also these beads put out a bubble trail that fish can't resist.



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