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Big Game Trolling Lures - Fishfinder Tackle-Joe Shute - Fishfinder Tackle aka Joe Shute Lures have exploded in popularity in the last decade. You will not find a boat trolling the Outer Banks that doesn't pull a "Shute". Try a 8oz East of Chatham for giants, you will not be disappointed.
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$8.99 - $31.99
Joe Shute Ballyhoo Skirt

Fish Finder Skirts are the same style of skirt the charter boat industry has been using for years. Most commercially tied skirts use too much hair that ends up hiding the bait and getting tangled. Fish Finder Skirts are hand tied and trimmed using just enough hair to help accent the bait instead of hiding it. The 1/4,1/2, and 1 ounce skirts are a perfect selection for pulling for yellowfin tuna, dolphin, king mackerel, and billfish. Our 1, 3, 5.75 and 8 ounce heads work best for wahoo, giant Bluefin tuna, and for rough water applications where you want your bait to run under the surface of the water. Fish Finder Skirts come stock in many color options along with a good selection of head colors. We can custom make skirts to your specifications using the weight and head color along with the skirt color combinations that you want. Hair options can be single, double, or tri color. Please call to discuss any custom work

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$16.99 - $19.99
Joe Shute Lantern

Fish Finder Tackle's Lantern series of lures combines both the traditional nylon hair skirts with the durability of rubber tuna tails for a very durable and fish attracting lure. Fish Finder Tackle's Lantern series come in 2 sizes. From our very popular tuna and dolphin catching 1/2 oz size to the Bigeye and bluefin sized 1 oz.

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